Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So much has happened in the past decade in my life. The glorious yamazakura still blooms when spring comes. But she stands alone now... a blessed freedom, maybe... nonetheless a life of a lone travelor.

Soy una peregrina... l'etragere... a stranger... maybe not destined to settle down anywhere. A tanka of Wakayama Bokusui comes to my mind:

幾山河 越えさりゆかば 淋しさの 果てなむ国ぞ 独り旅ゆく

"Crossing mountains and rivers, / I make a lonesome journey... / will there
be a place where / this loneliness dissipate?"

I shall keep going on this solitary road, knowing that there are other "peregrinos" like me all over the world.

Tei Matsushita Scott

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