Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy season

The rain cloud still hangs over my area... and dampens
everything. Basho's following haiku reminds me of my
house in the rainy season.

さみだれや 色紙へぎたる 壁の跡

rainy season...
the wall shows
old shikishi that peeled off

"Shikishi" is a square piece of fancy paper for writing
poems on.

The following are my haiku :

softly tapping my dream
spring rain

暁闇の 夢を叩くや 春の雨

golpecitos a mi sueno
lluvia de la primavera

tight and molded...
no end to the rain

花の命 かびて開かず 長雨に

blotes apretados...
lluvia interminable

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finally Summer!

Approaching mid June... cold days lingered on for so long
in New York area. But finally, the last Sakura turned to
leaves and the graceful Iris holds up the pods, promising
next year's return.

birds chirping
earlier than usual
forcast of a very hot day

小鳥まで 早起きするや 酷暑の日

ceiling fan...
afternoon nap,
a slow day of June

扇風機 眠りをさそう 六月の午後

It's been many years since Mother passed away.
But her Kimono still bears scent of camphor.

rearranging the closet
mother's kimono
bears camphor still

ころもがえ 母の着物の 樟脳のかおり