Wednesday, March 14, 1990

Last Leaves

36" x 48"

"Falling leaves" has been a popular subject in poetry for many centuries because it is a counterpart of the human life's drama. I came across the following Haiku some years ago. I do not know who wrote it.
"A lone leaf
in winter sky.
Is there any difference
between this dried-up leaf
and me?"
I wanted to evoke the pathos of this Haiku in "Last Leaves." The drama reflected upon is the beauty of consummation, an ultimate end, represented by bared branches against the wintry sky.

After the Harvest

50" x 58"

Driving through the farmland in the fall, we see rows of corn stalks standing high in the Indian summer sun along with the unsold Halloween pumpkins.
change of guard--
to scare the crows
On this canvas, I wanted to express the sense of fulfillment of the harvest time.

Mountain Flowers

31" x 41"

From 1989 to 1991, I lived in Carmel Valley, California, in a house on the side of a mountain. I took daily walks, following the deer trails up the mountain, enjoying the view from the mountaintop. In early summer, the valley was somber with black-green oaks, but the hillside was alive with color – wild orchids, masses of California poppies – a profusion of mountain flowers in countless varieties.
deer trail
to the top of the hill
chasing flowers