Thursday, March 14, 2002

Old Cherry Tree

14" x 18"

The life of a tree sometimes surprises me. I had thought this tree, the one bending and reaching for the ground, to be long decayed and forgotten. Yet, as spring returned, on some of the branches I saw flowers blooming.
let me live
to the end -
flower for my song

Before the Dawn

14" x 18"

Just before the dawn there is a moment when the sky is still pitch black, a moment when there is only a hint of the sun’s presence on the horizon. All is still but for the rising of the sun and the breathing of the living things.
dawn stillness
pulsing through it
breath of eternity

Orange Orchard

22" x 22"

Traveling through the islands of Japan, we see rows of fruits and vegetables cultivated on the mountain slopes. Terraced farming is a common practice in this country, where arable land is scarce.
climbing steps to heaven
aroma of oranges
Izu peninsula*
* Located in the southwest of Tokyo, it runs into the Pacific Ocean.