Tuesday, March 14, 1995

The Pink Cloud

28" x 54"

The Sakura season starts with Yoshino-zakura, pale pink with single petals. Yama-zakura follows, with its multiple petals of deeper pink. By this time it is April. The soft sun, hazy sky, and blossoming cherry-trees all melt into one.

The 17th century poet Basho wrote the following famous Haiku:
“In the pink cloud
traverses the sound of temple gong
Is it from Ueno or Asakusa?”
Using the sound of the gong and the names of two temple locations miles apart, the poet described the extent of the geography.

Inspired by Basho, and challenged by the same geography, I selected a narrow horizontal canvas. But I could not paint the sound of gong! Once again, I feel humble before the power of words. With the same humility, I present mine...
temple gongs
in the pink cloud
Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Overholt.

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