Thursday, March 14, 1991

Wind Chimes

48" x 40"

In the old days on the streets of Tokyo, the vendors’ songs marked the time of the day. Natto-uri came in the morning, selling fermented soybeans in thick straw tubes. By afternoon, Takezao-ya was calling out the virtues of his bamboo laundry poles. Often he was followed by Medicine Man, whose appearance was heralded by the sound of the metallic drawer handles beating a rhythm against the chest he carried on his back.

Toward evening, the wind-bell vendor came on his tricycle. The sound of his colorful chimes seemed to cool the air. The poet Takahama Kyoshi observed:
“From the eves
the peal of chimes filled the air…
the wind is rising.”
I wanted to paint “the peal of chimes” on this canvas.

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